How to Free Your Mind , Get ready for your new seasons

How to Free Your Mind , Get ready for your new seasons

2 Corinthians 7 :1 Dear friends, we have these promises from God. So we should make ourselves pure—free from anything that makes our body or our soul unclean. Our respect for God should make us try to be completely holy in the way we live.

  Ecclesiastes 3 :6

There is a time to look for something
    and a time to consider it lost.
There is a time to keep things
    and a time to throw things away.

 Declutter means removing unnecessary items from your house or in your life)its an overcrowded  space . This message can help ypu tou evaluate your life  physically spiritually and financially’ God speaks to my heart to share this. Many of you are struggling, you feel so stuck, doing repetitive mistake because of the clutters that is with in you and even in your home. It affects your mind.  Declutter your LIFE. NOW IS THE TIME. Someone of you out there is still hanging to the same relationship that is not pleasing to God , Spending too much can give you bad credit scores. NOW IS YOUR TIME.

How to Get Unstuck Mentally

The following steps will help you change your energy so you can get mentally unstuck, free your mind, become more productive and move toward your dreams and goals faster than ever!.

Step #1: Declutter

It may come as a surprise, but when you’re feeling stuck, decluttering and reorganizing any area in your home, office or car can be very effective at helping you to clear the energy around you.

One of the best parts about decluttering is that you don’t have to tackle a large area – this strategy works even if you only focus on the glove compartment in your car, a drawer in your kitchen or nightstand, or one shelf on your bookcase.

When you take the time to clean up the physical space around you, you send a signal to your subconscious brain that you desire more flow in your life.

Step #2: Make a list of three people you’ve helped in the past several weeks

Whether you’ve lent a hand to a family member, friend, coworker or client, I encourage you to write down three names of specific people that you’ve helped recently.

Next to their names, write down exactly what you did to help them and the value that your support brought to their lives.

When you finish, take a moment to read what you wrote a few times. Think carefully about what you did and acknowledge that you helped these people.

Remember, you’re a shaker, a mover, and a difference-maker. No matter where you are in your career or how far along you’ve come to fulfill your own dreams, the work you’re already doing in the world 

has the power to move positive energy into your life and the lives of those around you.

1.    It can be very easy for those of us who have decided that we want to create an impact in the lives of other people to overlook the good work that we’re doing in the world.

2.    However, if you don’t remember all the people that you’ve helped, then you’ll be more likely to stay where you are, instead of making strides toward what you ultimately desire.

3.    Look at it this way: When you stop to see the results you’ve created, your sense of aliveness grows… and this aliveness ripples out into the world around you. Others notice it, and they feel inspired to pursue their own personal growth, self-development, goals and dreams.

4.    Making a point to regularly remember and write the names of those you’ve helped will build your confidence and guide you forward toward bigger and better things, and ultimately transform the world.

Step #3: Clean up your finances

When you feel stuck, one of the best things to do is to clean up any unresolved debts and to organize your finances, both personal and professional.

You may owe someone $50, or maybe someone owes you $50 And how about that bill you know is due by the end of the week that’s been on your mind?

There’s only one thing to do: Pop your check in the mail or pay your bills online.

If you have a money issue that you just can’t settle today or this week, then I recommend writing down the name of the person or company owed on a Post-It note and the exact date that you would love to have it paid.

PRACTICE these PRINCIPLES AND YOU WILL EXPERIENCE FREEDOM. Please give some testimony about this Blog connect with us by email;

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