Is Your Faith Being Tested? Here are Things You Should Start Doing

Is Your Faith Being Tested? Here are Things You Should Start Doing

Is Your Faith Being Tested? Here are Things You Should Start Doing

If you are going through something right now, if you being tested, if you are going through some trials right then you need to allow the Lord to do what he wants to do in your life. God didn’t say we will only have good experiences in this life, we are not in heaven as yet, therefore we have to ensure our seat belt fastens properly and continue on the straight and narrow path. It may be rough at times, but in the end, you will have joy, you will be stronger and much better, you will know him more, you will come out more anointed, you may even give births to new gifts and talents that you didn’t know you have, or new ministry, that’s a promise. At times you will not understand why you going through some of the things your facing, but you should understand this, it is for your good. For example, I am sure when you were going to school you never understood why you had to learn some of the things that were taught to you, I am sure you wanted to skip some classes, maybe even skip school altogether. But I am sure that those lessons have had some positive impact on your life today or sometime in the past. The question, did those lessons destroy you? Some of the tasks that was given to you through hard at times, did they destroy you? No, they didn’t.

The same is true for the trials you are facing or will face. My advice to you is to go through it. Don’t stop half-way but go all the way

How will I know when the Lord is testing me?

The truth is you will not always know when you being tested by the Lord. Job didn’t know that what he was going through was a test until he came out of it. He didn’t know there was a conversation about him taking place in the spiritual realm that he wasn’t invited to, but he went through it until he came out of it. Though it was hard he never lasts his integrity, he never sinned against God or made accusations about him.

The Lord will not always tell us when we are tested, but when he is testing us he will give us the strength to past the test. And guess what? He will never test you beyond what you are able to bear or to endure (1 Corinthians 10:13).

My advice to you is to regard everything as a test. Every trial, every time someone does or says something to you that they shouldn’t or try to get you upset or to respond in a negative way. This way you will not react your normal way. If are not able to pay your bills and you would normally start complaining, cursing, depressing. Next time around start thinking positively, start prophesying victory over your life that the Lord will deliver you. Try to have faith in God. Having and maintaining faith in God in times of trials will not always be easy and for some of us faith doesn’t come very easy, but you have to start training yourself to have faith if you want to live in victory each day.

You will not always know but one way you can know when your faith is being tested is when something happens that should cause you to let go of God, give up on life or your dreams, curse God, or stop believing in God.

In my own experience the death of my one and only child 11years old, the death of my husband, these are all big trials in my life. I am not a victim of my circumstances instead I help myself with God’s grace to move forward and I am here the voice o God to your destiny. Arise and move on …..

“This what I am going through maybe rough but I am going to trust God. I know he will take me through it. I know he will deliver me”

“You may not have the money to pay your bills right now, but knows away and he will make a way for you. And even if he doesn’t make a way he is still good.”

None of us like to be tested, but God doesn’t allow them because he wants to destroy us or give us a bad day, no everything he does is for a reason. Past the test no matter how small they may be, go through your trials and come out victorious.

If this article has spoken to you in some way, please let me know by leaving a comment. What else could you add to this article? I don’t mind if you would share it with our readers.

Pastor Tita G. Maya

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Pastor Tita G. Maya is a spirit filled, anointed woman of God. who has a divine mandate from God to proclaim HIS word to the nations that HE is the only GOD that can restore, revive, heals, and deliver you in every circumstance that every human being on this earth experiences. There is power, salvation, healing, deliverance, restoration, revival in JESUS’ NAME. Pastor Tita accepted JESUS as her LORD and SAVIOR on February 1983. Her love and passion for God made her an obedient servant and her courageous faith strengthened her relationship with the LORD.


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