Kingdom Principle :
“Saving is the one bill that most Christians are delinquent in paying.” 
The wise man saves for the future, but the foolish man spends whatever he gets (Proverbs 21:20 TLB). 
 Savings should be viewed as a bill to yourself that must be paid each month, not a luxury to enjoy if there is money left over.  “Priority Spending,” says that your first priority must be your tithes and offerings. (your priority is to pay your tithes ) Second, are your bills and necessary living expenses.  Third, must be saved, and luxuries are last.  I believe you should save with the same conviction that you pay your tithes & offering and your bills! 
 Most Christians waste enough money on a weekly basis to easily start a consistent savings plan.  The amount you are saving may not be large, but remember that everything starts small, except God! 
Zech. 4:10  
For whoever has despised the day of small things shall rejoice, and shall see the plumb line in the hand of Zerubbabel.
“These seven are the eyes of the LORD, which range through the whole earth
Ways to have money to save include the following:  
1. Take your lunch to work some days
2. Don’t eat out as much (reduce eating out 50%) 
3. Obtain your regular tax refund.
4. Balance your checkbook to eliminate “Non-Sufficient Funds” charges
 5. Convert your passions and talents into a business. 
6. Contribute to your company’s retirement plan, you are able to “save it before you see it” plus the company may even match some of your contributions

Pastor Tita G. Maya

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Pastor Tita G. Maya is a spirit filled, anointed woman of God. who has a divine mandate from God to proclaim HIS word to the nations that HE is the only GOD that can restore, revive, heals, and deliver you in every circumstance that every human being on this earth experiences. There is power, salvation, healing, deliverance, restoration, revival in JESUS’ NAME. Pastor Tita accepted JESUS as her LORD and SAVIOR on February 1983. Her love and passion for God made her an obedient servant and her courageous faith strengthened her relationship with the LORD.


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